Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Greek life automatically comes with a negative stigma.  However, without Greek Life, I would not know half of the people on campus that I do and would not have some of my best friends. I also would not have been equipped with necessary life skills and connections to the business world as I do.

Greek Life brings our community together by holding events such as Greek Week and other philanthropic events. We raise thousands of dollars for different organizations and truly make an impact. I could not imagine my life without my brothers and friends I have made, and it truly makes me a better person being a part of such an amazing organization.

This past year, I was elected onto our executive board as the Eminent Treasurer.  I am responsible for all of the financial obligations for our chapter.  With that, I created an extensive semesterly budget for our chapter to operate under.  It has been a unique experience to see how our chapter runs from this perspective.  I am so excited to continue this position in the fall.IMG_1107 (3).jpg


LAS is Heading to Detroit

Every year the Leadership Institute takes the freshmen LAS cohort on a service trip to Detroit.  I am extremely passionate about the rebirth of Detroit so obviously I was ecstatic when I heUnknownard about the trip.  I am so blessed to have the resources to go down to Detroit for a weekend and work with children from a local school and doing service projects for the city.

It is a great time to be around Detroit.  After years of being the unsafest and poorest city in the country, Detroit is making a rebound.  With the construction of the new Red Wings arena, to more stores and business moving downtown, more and more jobs are heading to the area.  However, this rebirth doesn’t come without a price.  Many native Detroiters are being pushed out of the area to rebuild the city.  Even though many people are trying to turn the city around, they are leaving the residents behind.  I am very intrigued to see what the people of Detroit have to say about all of the changes that are occurring.

This trip relates directly the the Leadership Institute’s purpose and vision.  The LI is providing us with the opportunity to help the communities in Detroit while also growing as leaders ourselves.  I am very excited to see what our trip has in store.


Detroit Abandoned Buildings

DETROIT, MI – MAY 02: Graffiti decorates the ruins of the Packard Automotive Plant, a 35 acre site where luxury cars were manufactured until the 1950’s on May 2, 2013 in Detroit, Michigan. Sitting on the East side of Detroit, the former automotive plant is now a site for scavengers, urban explorers and graffiti artists. (Photo by Ann Hermes/The Christian Science Monitor via Getty Images

Fred Factor

Who is Fred? What is the Fred Factor?

Fred was a mail man who went out of his way to make people happy and made sure tIMG_5702he people around him felt like someone cared about them. Fred touched so many people that it caused a chain reaction which would later be turned into a book called “The Fred Factor”.

In LDR 100, our mission was to go out and be a Fred.  My group decided to write letters of appreciation to people in our lives who don’t get the credit they deserve.  We then gave a presentation to our class on our project and who is a Fred in our life.

12316309_964558763592435_1199221922658412496_nMy Fred is my friend Kristie.  Kristie is an inspiration to everyone she encounters.  She is always there for me when I need her and she always inspires me to be the best
version of myself.  I am so thankful to have her in my life!

Hello Mr. President

The Leadership Institute provides many amazing experiences for the LAS cohorts.  On Octobprez-ross-e1421296882256er 12th, Central Michigan University President Dr. George Ross came into our LDR 100 class to speak with our cohort.  His passion of CMU and the students here was truly inspiring.  President Ross also told us about his personal journey and how he became the amazing leader he is today.  I am honored to go to a school with such a caring, passionate, and approachable president.



LAS 2015 after class with President Ross