Sigma Alpha Epsilon

greek_org_saeGreek life automatically comes with a negative stigma.  However, without Greek Life, I would not know half of the people on campus that I do and would not have some of my best friends. I also would not have been equipped with necessary life skills and connections to the business world as I do.
I have made many life-long friends and memories during my time in SAE, and I can only imagine what it will bring me in the future years. I was the volunteer chair where I planned volunteer events for our brothers.  I was also elected as our philanthropy chair.

Greek Life brings our community together by holding events such as Greek Week and other philanthropic events. We raise thousands of dollars for different organizations and truly make an impact. I could not imagine my life without my brothers and friends I have made, and it truly makes me a better person being a part of such an amazing organization.


Disney College Program

The Disney College Program is a semester long collegiate internship where you work for a Disney Park and Resort while also taking classes through Disney University.  There are two seperate programs, one at Walt Disney World in Florida, and one at The Disneyland Resort in California.  Each semester, roughly 30,000 people apply.  Walt Disney World accepts 4,000 and The Disneyland Resort accepts 300.

I was fortunate enough to be accepted into the program at The Disneyland Resort in California!  Here I am working at Disney California Adventure while also taking a leadership class through Disney University.  For the class, a different Disney executive comes and presents on a different leadership topic that they have learned throughout their role at The Walt Disney Company.

Along with the education aspect, there are ample opportunities for networking throughout the program.  I have had the opportunity to meet with and shadow with a manager from Adventures by Disney, D23, Disney University, and guest relations.  Thes opportunities have given me a greater look into my future with The Walt Disney Company.IMG_8281

Its Time to Break Gender Roles

This semester in LDR 200, we learned about a variety of  leadership theories and philosophies.  One of the topics that stood out in my life was the topic of gender roles.  In 2016, you would thgender-symbols-entwined-300x300ink that gender roles are not as prominent as they used to be.  However, really think about your everyday life and the expectations you have for people.  Do you have these expectations based on that persons gender without even knowing it?  We all have certain expectations for everyone and a lot of us have them based on gender and d0nt even realize it.

One example of this would be in an RSO I am involved in here at CMU.  As apart of Colleges Against Cancer, it is our responsibility to plan and set up Relay for Life.  During the day of set up, we had to lay tarps and make decorations.  While setting up the tarps 0ver the entire gym floor, I noticed that it was mainly guys setting up the tarps and girls doing decorations.  Now this segregation was due based on our own doing. No one told us where to go or what activity to do.  I stop and realized that subconsciously, we have been trained to think that males d0 the physical work and females do the crafting.

After experiencing this I have been extremely conscious of trying not to have these stereotypes.