Leadership Theory

Throughout the last five years of my life, I have attended many leadership trainings and workshops where I have been told what it means to be a leader.  Throughout all of these trainings, I have taken bits and pieces and assembled my own outlook on what leadership truly is.  To me, leadership is built on three things; passion, connection, and motivation.

To start off, one must be driven and passionate about what they’re doing.  If a person is expected to lead members, they must want to do it themselves.  People will follow you not because of what you do but why you do it.  An examplimages.jpge of this would be Walt Disney.  People are not invested in Disney simply because of the movies or the theme parks, they invest because of the time and effort that Walt Disney
invested into making Disney the happiest place on Earth.  A place where magic truly happens.  They don’t invest in what Disney does, they invest in why they do it.  A leader must be passionate in why they do something and the follower will automatically come.

A leader must also be connected and have a relationship with their followers.  An effective leader is always building those connections and checking in with their followers to make sure they feel wanted.  If a follower does not feel valued by a leader, why would they continue to follow them?  This is why a leader must always be checking in on their followers.  After all, a leader cannot lead without a follower.

Finally, a leader is one who motivates.  A leader is a person for someone to fall back on in a time of need.  Someone who encourages people to keep going, even when they think they can’t.  Someone who inspires a person to be the best version of themselves.  A leader must always be there to help their followers no matter what the situation is.

To conclude, the three main principles of leadership are passion, connection and motivation.  With these three main principles, anyone can build off of them and become a leader!