After graduating from Troy High School in May 2015, I continued my educational journey to Central Michigan University (Fire up Chips!)  I am currently a sophomore majoring in business administration and double minoring in student affairs and leadership.  I chose Central Michigan University because of their extensive leadership opportunities and programs.  With leadership playing a crucial role in my life, the Leadership Institute at Central drew me in.

Credits Received Prior To College

  • Calculus I
  • English

Fall 2015

  • Essential Business Skills-BUS 100
  • Introduction to Debate with a Leadership Focus- COM 267L
  • Introduction to Leadership Education- LDR 100
  • Listening Experience- MUS 114
  • Introduction to Psychology with a Leadership Focus- PSY 100L
  • Introduction to Statistics- STA 282QR

Spring 2016

  • Essencial Business Communication Skills Writing Intensive- BIS 101WI
  • Microeconomics for Business- ECO 203
  • Nutrition- FNS 370
  • American Experience with a Leadership Focus Writing Intensive- HST 110WI
  • Introduction to Leadership- LDR 200

Fall 2016

  • Introduction to Financial Accounting- ACC 250
  • Business Law Writing Intensive- BLR 235WI
  • Principles of Macro and Global Economics- ECO 204
  • Leading Diverse Teams- EDL 360
  • Moral Problems with a Leadership Focus- PHL 118L
  • Social Problems- SOC 221