DISC Personal Profile Test: An Influencing, Inspirational Leader

Within my EDL 360 class, I was given the opportunity to take the DISC Classic Profile test.  The DISC is a personality, leadership trait test designed to help you increase your self-knowledge, and to provide information for understanding others.  You are able to learn more about your own leadership style, the strengths and weaknesses associated with the style, and how you like to work in groups.  The four main styles are Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. One style isn’t better than the other, they all have strengths and weaknesses that compliment one another.

To start off, I thought about myself as a member of CVFC. Once I established this response focus, I began answering the questions.  For the first part of the DISC, I found words that stood out the most about my character, but I had a hard time finding words that were the least like me.  I felt like I was a combination of all of the words, yet I didn’t know which one I was least like.

INFLUENCE: After finishing the questions, I scored the highest in influencing.  Here are some traits and descriptions that coincide with the influence category.

This persons tendencies include: Contacting people, Making a favorable impression, creating a motivated environment, generating enthusiasm, entertaining people, viewing situations with optimism

This person desires and environment that includes: freedom of expression, freedom from control and detail, coaching and counseling, favorable working conditions

This person needs others to: Speak directly, respect others, demonstrate individual follow-through

To be more effective, this person needs to: Use hands-on management, be more realistic when appraising others

These characteristics really stood out to me and described me as a person.  Seeing these really opened my eyes and made me aware of my strengths and weaknesses and ways that I need to improve when working with others.

After reflecting on my I behavioral traits, I was able to analyze my DISC results a bit further and learn more about my personal Classical Profile Pattern. This is a combination 0f all four of my DISC scores; Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.  Here are some characteristics for my Inspirational leadership style.

Goal: Control of the environment or audience

Value toward the organization: acts as a people mover; initiates, demands, compliments, disciplines

Would increase effectiveness through: Willingness to help others succeed in their own personal development

After reading all of my results, I was shocked to see how well all of these descriptions described me in my role as a CVFC member.  I will use these results to incorporate my strengths, but also improve on my weaknesses, in my education and extracurricular involvements.




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