Its Time to Break Gender Roles

This semester in LDR 200, we learned about a variety of  leadership theories and philosophies.  One of the topics that stood out in my life was the topic of gender roles.  In 2016, you would thgender-symbols-entwined-300x300ink that gender roles are not as prominent as they used to be.  However, really think about your everyday life and the expectations you have for people.  Do you have these expectations based on that persons gender without even knowing it?  We all have certain expectations for everyone and a lot of us have them based on gender and d0nt even realize it.

One example of this would be in an RSO I am involved in here at CMU.  As apart of Colleges Against Cancer, it is our responsibility to plan and set up Relay for Life.  During the day of set up, we had to lay tarps and make decorations.  While setting up the tarps 0ver the entire gym floor, I noticed that it was mainly guys setting up the tarps and girls doing decorations.  Now this segregation was due based on our own doing. No one told us where to go or what activity to do.  I stop and realized that subconsciously, we have been trained to think that males d0 the physical work and females do the crafting.

After experiencing this I have been extremely conscious of trying not to have these stereotypes.


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