No one wants a “Yes” man

When you think of leadership how many words come to mind? How many people come to mind when you hear the word leader? Truth is, leadership is different in everyones eyes and no one has the same definition of what a leadership is or what makes someone a leader.

yes-no.jpgNow picture a leader.  Does this person always agree with everything said or do they challenge the status quo?  To me, a leader is someone who goes against the norms to better themselves and society.  They fight for what they believe in even if that means going against what everyone else thinks.

Now, being a leader doesn’t always have to be someone going against the norm.  A leader also is someone who challenges you to think outside the box.  Anyone can say “yes” and agree with you, but a leader isn’t afraid to speak their mind and challenge you to see life from others perspective.



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