Love Your Melon

What is a leader? defines a leader as a person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country.  How many people can you think of that fit that description? This doesn’t sound like a leader to me.  A leader in my mind is someone who puts others before themselves.  Someone who goes out of their way to make someones day better.  Someone who encourages others to be the best versions they can be. Now how many people can you think of?
Our world is lacking true, ethical leaders.  Zachary Quinn, however, fits my description of a leader. Who is Zachary Quinn you ask? He is the founder of Love Your Melon.  When he was a sophomore in college, he decided he wanted to make a change in the world.  Zach came up with the idea of donating hats to children with cancer on a buy one, donatBrian_and_Zach_on_Superhero_Adventure_900e one basis.  And his idea exploded!

Zach exemplifies the qualities that I see in a leader.  He is putting others before himself by donating thousands of hats t0 children with cancer.  He put aside his problems of being a broke college student and went out and changed the world. He is spreading awareness by creating a college ambassador program to help students just like himself make a difference in the world! Now he is a true leader!



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