Mentor/Mentee Retreat


Top: Evan (Mentor)                                       Bottom Right: Dalton (Twin)

One of the cool things about being in LAS is getting a mentor from the cohort above you! Within the first few weeks of school, the Leadership Institute takes the freshmen and sophomore LAS classes on the annual Mentor/Mentee Retreat. But what is mentor/mentee retreat?  It’s a weekend at Eagle Village where mentors and mentees bond through team building activities, trust activities, and other fun leadership activities.  At night, we have a bonfire where we use this time as a reflection on what we did over the weekend, the new bonds we made, and a safe place to shared heart warming stories about one another.

The retreat really helped me bond with my mentor, Evan, and my twin, Dalton.  I learned so much about myself, along with everyone in my cohort, during this weekend.  I can’t wait to take my mentee to retreat next year!


LAS 2014 (Maroon) and LAS 2015 (Gold) at Eagle Village for the 2015 Mentor/Mentee Retreat


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